freestyle embroidery project

See the process of going from rough design on paper to finished embroidery piece with this freestyle embroidery project.

Feather Stitch leaf

Feather stitch is one of those stitches that almost has built in leaves.  In the freestyle embroidery project, I used the feather stitch as a long stem with many branches and clusters of French knots as flowers, but the green gives the impression of leaves, even though there aren’t any leaves stitched.

close up of flower embroidery.

French Knot flower

French knots are very versatile when embroidering flowers.  They are often used as the centres of flowers, with other stitches used as the petals.  They can also be used as the petals themselves.  Large and small clusters, with varying sizes and colours give flowers depth and interest.

blue embroidered flowers

Lazy Daisy flower

The next flower in my freestyle embroidery project is a simple flower with looped petals meeting in the centre.  This is a common style of flower to draw and is easy to do with a lazy daisy stitch.  In fact, the stitch seems to be named after it.

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