Blanket stitch flower

close up of blanket stitch flower embroidery.

The blanket stitch flower is made with a variation of the traditional blanket stitch.  Normally, the blanket stitch is done in a line, like on the edge of a blanket for hemming, or around an appliqué shape.  To make a flower, all the stitches are done out of a common centre and the line curves around to make a circle.

In my freestyle embroidery project, I made yellow blanket stitch flowers in groups of five on the ends of some stems.  Long ago, I was told to use odd numbers for any kind of flower drawing or embroidery.  For example, flowers have five or seven petals and they go in groups of three.  I don’t know the botany or art theory behind that, but I do tend to follow it.  The main exception is that I often give two leaves to a stem.  Since freestyle embroidery is unique and individual, you can do whatever you want, but now you’ll probably be on the lookout for odd numbers.


These flowers also remind me of wheels, and they could also be used as that.

You can find freestyle embroidery stitch tutorials HERE and follow along the entire freestyle embroidery project HERE.

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