2019 Pojagi Christmas Countdown – Tree Mini Window Hanging

Christmas tree window hanging with title.

This mini window hanging is a great for your little scraps of batik fabric. It uses the modern pojagi seam to make reversible patchwork, and it looks like stained glass hanging in your window.

It is about 4 or 5” square, depending on what size scraps you use, so it’s like a little sun catcher. It will add a festive touch even if you don’t have a lot of space for decorations.

mini pojagi window hanging pine tree.



This is a great way to use scraps from the other 2019 Pojagi Christmas Countdown Projects.

You only need the following scraps of batik fabric:

  • green, at least 3-1/2” square
  • brown, at least 1-1/2″ x 2″
  • light neutral – two pieces at least 2-1/2″ x 1-1/2″ and two pieces at least 4″ x 3″


Any regular sewing thread is fine. Use a neutral colour or a colour to match one of the batik fabrics.


This piece is not made with exact sizes and angles. It is improv pieced, so you can use whatever scraps you have. Play with different sizes and shapes to make a whole forest of trees!

Join one of the larger background fabrics to the green fabric at an angle. Use a seam that is slightly less than 1/4”.

joining green fabric and neutral fabric.

Trim the green fabric so that the green seam allowance is longer than the background. Now fold and press, then stitch to make a simple modern pojagi seam.

pojagi seam in progress with green and white fabric.

Repeat with the other large background piece to make a triangle for the tree. 

adding a second background fabric piece to window hanging.

Be sure that the background fabric goes past the edge of the green fabric so that the top of the tree won’t be cut off when it is hemmed.

modern pojagi seam piecing with green and white fabric.

Trim the piece down to a rectangle as large as you can make it. It will be around 4” x 5”, but there’s no need to be exact.

rectangle of white fabric with green triangle inset.

Trim the brown piece so that it is narrower than the bottom of the tree. Join the two smaller pieces to either side of it using the same simple pojagi seam.

joining the trunk piece to the tree piece.

Trim the trunk unit so that it is the same width as the tree unit.

Join together.

finished piecing in the tree mini pojagi window hanging.


Fold under one edge with a narrow hem (about 3/16”). Repeat then topstitch.

hemming the modern pojagi window hanging.

Hem the other three sides the same way.

Tack a thread onto the top two corners of the hanging, leaving a slack of a few extra inches. Use the thread to hang it in a window.

finished tree window hanging.

You’re done!

Hang it as a sun catcher in your window or make a whole collection.

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