2019 Pojagi Christmas Countdown – Korean Sock Ornament

Korean sock ornament hanging in tree with title.

Hanging stockings to fill with presents (or oranges, coal, etc.) is not a Korean tradition. If it was, however, it would probably be shaped like this.

This is a traditional Korean sock shape, and is the type of sock sometimes still worn with hanbok.

traditional Korean sock ornament hanging on a tree.

This little ornament is a nice way to get a touch of Asia for your Christmas tree.


All you need to make it is some scraps of fabric, some stuffing and a bit of string or cord to hang it.


This is the pattern.

Korean sock ornament pattern.

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Trace the pattern onto the wrong side of a piece of fabric.

stocking pattern traced onto red fabric.

Pin two pieces of fabric right sides together.

fabric pinned together for ornament tutorial.

Stitch together on the line, leaving open the gap.

stocking stitched together.

Cut out the shape 1/4” away from the line.

stocking ornament cut out.

Clip the seam allowances up to the stitching line in the curves and points.

Turn right side out.

ornament right side out.

Stuff snugly.

stuffing the stocking ornament.

Hand stitch the opening closed.

stitching the ornament opening closed.

Attach a loop of string or thread to hang it.

finished sock ornament in red batik fabric.

You’re done!

Enjoy this ornament on your tree or in other holiday decorating.

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Christmas tree window hanging with title.

pojagi tree hanging

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