2019 Pojagi Christmas Countdown – Fashion Scarf

fashion scarf laid on table with title.

If you need a last-minute gift, this patchwork scarf is a perfect solution. It is quick and easy and can be made in whatever colour scheme you like.


This project works well with reversible fabric so that the scarf will not have a clear right or wrong side. I recommend rayon batik because it has a nice weight and drape. Another great option is lawn. Lightweight silk is okay if you are confident stitching long straight seams with it. If you are just playing, it could be an expensive experiment, so I would try something smaller first.

section of fashion scarf pieced with white and brown fabric.


  • Main colour – 20” WOF (width of fabric)
  • Accent colour – 14” WOF


Use any normal sewing thread. Traditionally a contrasting colour is used in poajgi. The stitching is part of the design. You can use a neutral colour, match the accent colour or use a third colour. Any option will look great.



From the main colour fabric, cut one 9” strip and two 5” strips.

From these strips, cut the following pieces: 

  • A – 9″ x 28″
  • B – 9″ x 8″
  • C – 5″ x 39″
  • D – 5″ x 8″
  • E – 5″ x 7″
  • F – 5″ x 5″
  • G – 5″ x 4″
  • H – 3″ x 13″

From the accent colour, cut the following pieces: (cut so the long side of the shape is parallel to the selvedge)

  • J – 4″ x 13″
  • K – 3″ x 13″
  • L – 7″ x 9″
  • M – 5″ x 9″
  • N – 5″ x 6″
  • O – 5″ x 6″


Layout the pieces according to the diagram.

layout diagram for patchwork scarf tutorial.


Join into the small sections using the simple pojagi seam method.

section diagrams for modern pojagi scarf.
small section of scarf for tutorial.

When all the sections are made, join them together using the same seam to make the full scarf. Trim the edges to fit if necessary.


Fold over the edge 1/4”, then another 1/4” and press well. Topstitch to hem.

hemming the pojagi scarf.

Hem one edge at a time.

You’re done!

finished modern pojagi fashion scarf.

Enjoy wearing this scarf to work or special events. Everyone will wonder how you made it.

Share pictures of your own scarf #epidastudio.


Elizabeth DeCroos - Epida Studio.

Elizabeth DeCroos

Elizabeth DeCroos is the designer and teacher at Epida Studio. She loves to work in quilting, pojagi and embroidery and teach these techniques to others.
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