2018 Pojagi Christmas Countdown

pojagi Christmas projects

 Yesterday was Canadian Thanksgiving, and that means it’s only eleven weeks till Christmas!  There’s still lots of time to get started on Christmas projects.  Why not pojagi?

For the next ten weeks, I have some easy pojagi projects that are perfect for people trying out a new technique for the first time or people who are looking for a small project that can be finished in just a couple of hours (or less!) This is the same concept as last year’s Pojagi Christmas Countdown, but it’s all new projects.

Each week, I will post the new tutorial, and I will also link to it here, so you might want to bookmark this post so that you can see all of them in one place.


To do these projects, you will need all the basic tools: scissors, pins, needles, Hera, ruler and pencil.  Most of the sewing is done by hand, but there are a few times when a sewing machine will help, but it is not required.  Save a couple of old cereal or cracker boxes to use for templates.  For more details on pojagi tools, read THIS.



For this year’s projects, I am trying out some new materials.  Since traditional Korean silk is difficult to obtain outside of Korea, I am trying other dressmaking fabrics.  They are okay, if not ideal.  When you look for silk-like fabric in stores, here are some things to consider:pojagi fabric

  1. Does it crease well? I know if you’re making a dress, you don’t want creases.  That’s why polyester is great, but with pojagi, we want to be able to crease the fabric.  Look for fabric that can hold a fold in it.
  2. Does it stretch?  Again, we want the opposite of a comfortable dress.  No stretch.

Fabric store workers might wonder what you’re looking for, but just look for inexpensive things to try.  They should be medium-weight fabric.  I found dupioni silk is too heavy and a lot of chiffon and organza is too drapey and slippery, making it difficult for these projects.  If you hold it on your hand, it should drape over it without being stiff, but it should also be able to hold a crease.  If you know a dressmaker that does wedding clothes, she might donate some scraps for you to try.

I am using five different colours – gold, green, red, charcoal and white and I have one yard of each colour and 1-1/2 yard of white.  This will be more than enough to do all the projects.  The first project takes the most fabric, so don’t panic on quantities.  If you just want to try out the techniques with a couple of projects, 1/2 yard each of two colours will be enough to do it.  Even one colour would be fine, I just think multiple colours is more fun.

Don’t invest a lot of money into fabrics until you’ve tried and you know you like the technique and you know the fabric will work.


I am using silk thread for all the projects.  Don’t use the super-fine silk thread that is used in free motion quilting.  Use a thicker silk thread.  If you can’t find that, a size 12 Perle cotton or 2 strands of embroidery floss would be a good substitute, they just won’t have the same sheen as silk thread.

Other stuff

Some of the projects need other materials like stuffing or ribbon, but they will be mentioned in the individual projects.  They will probably be things you have laying around or they will be easy to get.

The Projects

A different project will be released each week between now and Christmas and links will be here.  If you try something out, I’d love to see it.  Send me a picture or tag in instagram #pojagichristmascountdown.  Good luck!

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