This week in the studio

This week I did all the cutting for another quilt.  This is another log cabin sampler.  I am so happy with how the other one turned out that I wanted to do it in another colour way.  I think I will be running this quilt as a summer quilt project.

This is a corduroy jumper for my younger daughter.  It has been a while since I have sewn any clothing, so I really enjoyed it.  Hopefully she enjoys it too.

My loom had an incident right before Christmas.  One of the cords broke.  I tied it up with a knot just to keep the bars up and the weaving level, but I couldn’t weave on it.

This week I made a trip to the loom supply store and got a new set of cords.  The whole loom is quieter and smoother now.  I also caught my daughter trying to weave, so I showed her how to do it.  She is enjoying it.  I also noticed that I missed taking down some Christmas decorations.

The cardigan is almost complete!  It seems like it will be really warm, which is good for us.  We have had record-breaking low temperatures this week (along with a lot of other people).  It makes me not want to go anywhere, but just stay home and work on projects.

Have a great week!

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