In my freestyle embroidery project, I want to have bunches of wildflowers.  On the left side, I picture tall flowers mimicking the circular shape with curved stems.

My first step in embroidery is to do the stems.  I am going to use a few different shades of green to add to the wildflower look.  There are a few stitching options with stems.  Basically, you can use anything that will give you a line.  The obvious choice is stem stitch, given its name, but you could also use back stitch, wrapped running stitch or couching.


Along this side, I used a combination of stem stitch and couching.  You can see how I loosely followed the curve of the circle, but I didn’t trace it exactly.  I want to keep the wildflowers looking casual.

Along the right side, I used stem stitch and couching again, in different shades of green.

Along the bottom, I put in some straight stitching for some tiny flowers.


If you want to follow along with the project, check it out HERE.

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