Fancy Forest – pattern review

Fancy Forest is a beautiful pattern by Elizabeth Hartman.  I have followed her for a long time, but this is the first pattern of hers that I have made.  When I got the pattern, I wasn’t sure how it went together.  Would it be templates?  paper piecing?  How difficult would the cutting and matching be?

Pojagi Christmas Countdown – Round Bag

If you want to make a small gift even more special, this pojagi bag will do it.  It is about 5″ wide and 4″ deep, so it’s the perfect size for gift cards or jewelry.

Minion Hat

Everybody loves minions, and this hat is not only cute, but will also keep your kids (or you) warm.  This size is for a big kid, but you can easily adjust it to make it smaller.  Please don’t re-publish this tutorial, but feel free to make these hats for Christmas craft sales.

Secret Project – Revealed!

Now that it has been gifted, I can reveal the secret project that I have been working on for the past few weeks.

Pojagi Christmas Countdown – Diamond Ornament

This is another flat Christmas ornament similar to the Circle Ornament.  The thing that makes this more challenging is working with bias edges, so if it’s your first project, I recommend the circle.  However, if you’re careful not to stretch the fabric or pull stitches too tight, this project will not be difficult.

Book Review – Crafty Dolls

This is a great book.  I first got it from the library for my daughter, and I loved it so much that I bought my own copy.  Patterns are simple to put together, but still