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Embroidered Pumpkins – Part One

Looking for a quick fall project?  These cute pumpkins are a great way to try out some new embroidery stitches.  All you need is some fabric, floss and a wooden hoop.  A piece of felt will give it a clean back, but that’s optional.

Rolled flower

This small flower is a common decorative element in pojagi.  It is not difficult, but takes a bit of planning ahead, since you need to allow drying time.  It is best done with a fine fabric like silk.  This sample is done with handkerchief linen.  I just use regular polyester sewing thread.

Travel Sewing Kit Tutorial

While in the dollar store, I saw a little tin of cookies, the kind that are usually sold at Christmas time.  It was cute, and I thought it would be a good size for a travel sewing kit.  It’s big enough to hold a little pair of scissors, but small enough that it’s easy to carry.

Triple Backstitch Tutorial

The triple backstitch is a common design element in pojagi.  It is used primarily as an accent or to hold two layers of fabric together like quilting, but it is not a seam.  For anyone who has done embroidery before, it will be pretty familiar.  Be careful, though, it is harder than it looks.  Even for experienced needleworkers, it takes a lot of practice to get it right.

Flower Pincushion

Pinch stitch tutorial