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Embroidered Bag

This bag was a quick little project stretched out to take years.  The embroidery and quilting were done years ago, and it sat in the UFO (unfinished object) pile, waiting to be turned into a little bag.  This year I have been working hard on my UFOs, and my goal is to get all of them off my list by the end of next year.  That will clear up space for new projects, both physically and mentally.

Organizing Scraps

Anybody who’s been quilting more than a day probably has some scraps.  What to do with them is sometimes a mystery.  If they are just thrown into a bin, it is hard to use them, since they are a big jumble.  If you use a scrap sorting system, it will be easier to use them because they are all ready to go.  This is my system.

How to quilt it – fence rail

Clean up & National Quilt Show

The past two weeks have been busy, but I haven’t done a lot of sewing.  First, I got new cupboards for the studio, and then I sorted everything I have.  It is the first time in many years that I have seen everything in one place.  This will make it easier to use my stash, since it is not stashed so securely.  I love how it looks now!

Hanging Quilts

I don’t like hanging sleeves.  I know sometimes this is a necessity, especially for shows, but I just don’t like putting them on.  Once they’re on, I don’t mind them, it’s just the process of putting them on.  I don’t know why.

Luckily, I found a way to hang quilts that doesn’t involve sleeves at all.

Spring placemats

Spring is firmly here, and summer is coming fast, so I needed something new for my table.  I had a bunch of fat quarters in these bright colours, so I decided to make placemats.