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Pojagi Christmas Countdown – Samosa Ornament

The first project in the Christmas countdown is easier than it looks.  There is only one shape and only one type of seam.  You need two different colours of handkerchief linen fabric, size 8 Perle cotton in a contrasting colour, and a bit of stuffing.

My kids named this project because they said it looks like a samosa. You can how multicultural Canada is when I’m using European materials to make to make a Korean-style project and it’s named for Indian food. 

Rolled flower

This small flower is a common decorative element in pojagi.  It is not difficult, but takes a bit of planning ahead, since you need to allow drying time.  It is best done with a fine fabric like silk.  This sample is done with handkerchief linen.  I just use regular polyester sewing thread.

Korean Lucky Bag

Triple Backstitch Tutorial

The triple backstitch is a common design element in pojagi.  It is used primarily as an accent or to hold two layers of fabric together like quilting, but it is not a seam.  For anyone who has done embroidery before, it will be pretty familiar.  Be careful, though, it is harder than it looks.  Even for experienced needleworkers, it takes a lot of practice to get it right.

Tools for Pojagi

Traditional Korean Wrapping Cloths