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Flowers – Part One

With my wildflower theme, obviously the flowers are going to be a big part of the embroidery.  They will add the most colour and interest to the design.  I do not have a green thumb at all, and I am not an expert on flowers, so I am not attempting to embroider realistic-looking flowers.  I do not have names for these – they are just thread doodles of imaginary flowers.


In my freestyle embroidery project, I want to have bunches of wildflowers.  On the left side, I picture tall flowers mimicking the circular shape with curved stems.


In my plan on my freestyle embroidery design, the upper right quarter of the design will have a border (as indicated by the dotted line).  I want the border to be a colour other than green, since the stems in the flowers will have a lot of green.  I will start of with a simple border, because I know I can always come back later and add more stitching if I want to.


If you want any words in your design, you are going to need lettering. This is the one time you will probably want marking. You can just go for it, but marking will help with spacing and balance. It is great to use your own handwriting, but if you prefer something else, it is pretty easy to find different fonts these days.

Fabric and Thread options

There are endless options for freestyle embroidery materials, but if you are starting out, keeping it simple is the way to go.  Choose a basic fabric and thread to practice and learn on.  Freestyle embroidery should be fun and stress-free.

Planning a Project

Freestyle embroidery is fun and low-stress.  Using a few basic stitches you can create things that are both beautiful and unique.  The nice thing is it can be done with almost any kind of materials that you have on hand.  Thread can be wool, cotton, linen, even polyester – whatever you have in the size and colour that you want.  Any kind of fabric works too.  You can embroider on clothing, table linens, tea towels, blankets, upholstery, or whatever you find.  You are only limited by your imagination.  There is no counting threads to worry about, it is like doodling, but with stitches.