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Embroidered Pumpkins – Part One

Looking for a quick fall project?  These cute pumpkins are a great way to try out some new embroidery stitches.  All you need is some fabric, floss and a wooden hoop.  A piece of felt will give it a clean back, but that’s optional.

Tea towel pillow

Years ago, I bought a kit for embroidered towels.  I loved the embroidery, but I didn’t get around to doing it.  Finally this summer, I got it out to work on. What a disappointment!  The fabric for the towels looked nice, but it was polyester.  It wouldn’t have any kind of absorbency as a towel, and it didn’t feel nice.  I debated with myself for a while about what to do.  I still liked the embroidery, but I knew it would be useless as a towel.

Embroidered Bag

This bag was a quick little project stretched out to take years.  The embroidery and quilting were done years ago, and it sat in the UFO (unfinished object) pile, waiting to be turned into a little bag.  This year I have been working hard on my UFOs, and my goal is to get all of them off my list by the end of next year.  That will clear up space for new projects, both physically and mentally.

Rolled flower

This small flower is a common decorative element in pojagi.  It is not difficult, but takes a bit of planning ahead, since you need to allow drying time.  It is best done with a fine fabric like silk.  This sample is done with handkerchief linen.  I just use regular polyester sewing thread.

Huck Embroidered Table Cloth

Here’s another old UFO that I recently crossed off my list.  It’s a table cloth with a border of Huck embroidery, or Huck weaving.

Pinch stitch tutorial