In my plan on my freestyle embroidery design, the upper right quarter of the design will have a border (as indicated by the dotted line).  I want the border to be a colour other than green, since the stems in the flowers will have a lot of green.  I will start of with a simple border, because I know I can always come back later and add more stitching if I want to.

I am going to do a wrapped backstitch with two different shades of pink.  HERE is a tutorial on wrapped backstitch and wrapped running stitch.  The backstitch is a darker pink, and the wrap is the lighter shade.

For this part, I used the drawn line as a guide and stitched exactly on it.  The wrapping really changes the look of the backstitch.

I will probably come back and add more to the border in the future, but that is enough for now.  It gives me a start and I can always choose to leave it simple if I want to.


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