Happy Valentines Day

My husband was pretty excited to find this valentines card for me.  It is made with embroidery!

French Knot

A French knot is fancy and elegant. It is like a string of pearls that finishes off a formal outfit. It can add just the right touch to a piece of embroidery and making perfect French knots is an important embroidery accomplishment. It is worth taking the time to practice, and once you get it, it is not hard.

This week in the studio

scrappy quilt in a hoop with hand quilting

This week I finally got around to digging out my Dutch Quilt and getting back to work on it.  Maybe I can actually finish it this year.  The Dutch Quilt journey began in 2011. Our family was moving back to Canada from South Korea, and we did some travelling on the way back.  One of the places that we stopped was in

Flowers – Part One

With my wildflower theme, obviously the flowers are going to be a big part of the embroidery.  They will add the most colour and interest to the design.  I do not have a green thumb at all, and I am not an expert on flowers, so I am not attempting to embroider realistic-looking flowers.  I do not have names for these – they are just thread doodles of imaginary flowers.

Straight Stitch

Straight stitch is a simple, basic stitch. It looks simple and it is simple to do. Because of this, it is sometimes overlooked, but in freestyle embroidery it can be fun and effective. It is like a t-shirt in your wardrobe – a bit casual but cute and with many different options.


In my freestyle embroidery project, I want to have bunches of wildflowers.  On the left side, I picture tall flowers mimicking the circular shape with curved stems.