Pojagi Christmas Countdown – Samosa Ornament

The first project in the Christmas countdown is easier than it looks.  There is only one shape and only one type of seam.  You need two different colours of handkerchief linen fabric, size 8 Perle cotton in a contrasting colour, and a bit of stuffing.

My kids named this project because they said it looks like a samosa. You can how multicultural Canada is when I’m using European materials to make to make a Korean-style project and it’s named for Indian food. 

This Week in the Studio

This week I’ve had a lot of fun playing with my new toy.  This is a pillow with bands of different patterns.  With this knitting yarn, it goes very quickly.

Embroidered Pumpkins – Part One

Looking for a quick fall project?  These cute pumpkins are a great way to try out some new embroidery stitches.  All you need is some fabric, floss and a wooden hoop.  A piece of felt will give it a clean back, but that’s optional.

Pojagi Inspiration Quilt

Pojagi Christmas Countdown

Crafters are always ready to work on something for Christmas, but usually the cool fall weather really starts to get people in the mood.  It’s eleven weeks until Christmas, and I have a special gift for you.  Starting next week, I will be sharing a small pojagi project each week until Christmas.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving

Here in Canada, we are celebrating Thanksgiving. Enjoy time with your families remembering all your blessings.